Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Summer in Vancouver

 It's that time of year again. Its cold, its dark, its dreary.  We need to escape and start surfing the web, looking to find the perfect Summer Holiday. I can give you a head start and recommend a destination I visited last summer, its Vancouver, Canada and it is a beautiful place. I went on the Disney Cruise to Alaska, look out for an Alaska blog soon, and the starting point was Vancouver.

 When I first arrived in this magnificent city I went to check out my hotel, The Fairmount Waterfront. I highly recommend this hotel. It has a beautiful rooftop pool, garden area, restaurant, wonderful service and a mini food court underneath. We wanted to go for dinner so we visited the concierge and she reserved us a table at  'Cactus Club' . It was amazing. We were seated at a gigantic window overlooking looking the water. I ordered a burger with chips and it was truly scrumptious. My brother ordered a steak sandwich with sweet potato fries. I nicked one of his fries and now I'm addicted.

 We were also able to use the hotel bikes and spent the day cycling along the seawall. This was one of the main things that made me want to move to Vancouver. How you could go every day on a bike ride along the sea wall, take in  the stunning view and appreciate what you have. It would be a brilliant way to start of you days. We spotted some seals in the water. We also saw  a family of otters running along the shoreline.


 We stopped off at the second beach outdoor pool, to cooled down and take a break.
 We saw some rock balancing art

 The last stop was the totem poles.

 Vancouver isn't just about the great outdoors. There are plenty of wonderful shops to get your dose of retail therapy. We went to a great MAC store and I had a free makeover.

Love Verity.

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