Sunday, 30 November 2014

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Don't you just adore this time of year when you can snuggle up on the sofa wearing your fluffy PJ's , drinking hot chocolate topped with a mountain of whipped cream a delicate sprinkle of marshmallows, actually more like a blizzard of marshmallows. Well along with these cosy nights in comes the hectic season of Christmas. I've got a head start on my present wrapping which I'd like to share with you. 
For the first present I used plain brown paper tied with string. To make the string look more rustic I split it into three pieces and plaited it, making sure it was long enough to wrap around the present three times. I found these great freshly dried decorations called 'Christmas in a Bottle.' When I was out shopping the other day. I stuck a leaf and a shrunken looking pumpkin thingy on the top along with a plain card gift tag. Voila!
The second present is for my brother Leo.  Needless to say it had to be kinda masculine. Again I started with the brown paper and trimmed with hessian. I then threaded a couple of dried apple slices onto the raffia and finished it with the brown card gift tag.  To make the gift tag a little more special I stuck a small button above a slightly larger button, drew on a tilted hat and a snowman magically appeard.
I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration for an alternative to all that glitter and sparkle. Happy Wrapping!

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